Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Putting it all back together...

Yesterday in my ancient technology class, I gave the students a pile of debitage and some exhausted cores. Their assingment was to look at each flake and determine how and when it came off the core. We had mixed results, mainly because they were having a good time socializing.

Ultimately though, it provided a useful experience for them and me. On Thursday, I plan to bring some poste putty to let them put the flakes all together to reassemble their cores.

If it didn't waste so much obsidian to flake a nodule/core to exhaustion, doing refitting studies would be very interesting. My audience is incredibly low for this blog, but do any of you have any suggestions on sources concerning refitting studies?

This weekend, I think that I will blow through one more nodule and see if i can put it all back together (shatter and microflakes excluded of course).

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