Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A forum on experimental archaeology

This blog is in response to an article I read recently by Henry Farrell of George Washington Univeristy, concerning the importance of blogs in the academic world.

Farrel, Henry
2005 The Blogosphere as a Carnival of Ideas, Section B of the Chronicle of Higher Education pp. B14-B15, In The Chronicle Review, 52(7). Washington, D.C.

Blogger makes SAA format a little difficult, and I hope the above helps in finding the article. It appeared in October 7th, 2005 issue. If all else fails, you can post a comment and we can arrange distribution. The article has nothing to do with archaeology, but really sold me on the possibilities for discussion and idea exchange.

A little about me:

I am a 25 year-old graduate student at Brigham Young Univeristy. I am currently teaching an ancient technology class and have been interested in experimental archaeology (specifically flintknapping) since high school. My areas of interest include the American Great Basin and the American Southwest. The Fremont and Anasazi are the two cultures with which I am currently most fascinated.

Hopefully, this blog will allow myself and its readers (if any) to discuss the merits of experimental archaeology, share success and failure stories, and to talk about experimental archaeology's place in general arhcaeological theory.

In other words, is making all of this stuff worth it? I think it is.

For the balance of the year, the focus of this blog will be mainly on my class and some of the experiences I have had there. I will also talk about toolstone procurement, flintknapping techniques, and hopefully include several photos. Well see how this all works.

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