Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ASAS revisited, Ethnoarchaeology Journal.

Much has happened in the past few years that put this blog, and activities regarding experimental archaeology on the back burner.

After finishing my thesis and graduating from BYU, I've now started a PhD program at UNLV. This program keeps me pretty busy, but Drs Karen Harry and Liam Frink, professors here at UNLV, have been doing replication experiments for some time now. They are both excited that I share an interest in this portion of anthropology.

In fact, Dr. Frink is one of the editors of a new journal called Ethnoarchaeology Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Experimental Studies. Dr. Frink is very interested in the paper I wrote for the ASAS conference and would like me to submit it to his journal for publication. Pretty exciting.

Hopefully, as I work out the kinks of the manuscript, I'll be thinking about ex.arch again and be able to post more on this dusty old blog.

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