Friday, September 01, 2006

The date for that last post is wrong

Sorry about that last date, yes, I began that post back in February, but just barely blew the dust off it and finished it.

Things have been very busy, and maintaining two blogs is often a time consuming process.

Updates are as follow:

Jan-April 2006, no classes, sat-in on a few classes, did a lot of field work (I still have the scars from the Green River survey incident). Passed the competency exams in March.

May-June 2006, was a crew cheif for the 2006 BYU field school, taught a few how to flintknap and make cordage. Got really sick of everyone in camp (as usually happens at field school). Also, when we were out in the middle of nowhere, we held a church service and I think I am one of the first modern mormons to flake an arrowhead in sunday school while the teacher applied a gospel analogy.

July 2006, more field work, and plenty of squandered time in front of the TV and playing video games

August 2006, chained to a desk writing reports, and then a three week trip to the UK. The museums over there were amazing. I miss seeing skeletons and burial goods on display, but what can you do?

Submitted our session papers to John Clark to read so that he can provide comments on our session. Hopefully, he doesn't rip us apart too badly.

September 2006, getting ready to teach the ex. arch class and possibly take a Global Imaging System class offered by the geography department (we'll see). I've decided to use different texts books this year for the ex. arch class. What a mess. The other two were pretty good, but I wanted to see if I could find better. Well, I was half right. The ceramics book is better, but the general technology book is worse.

The problem with most technology method books out there is that they are too new age, and worry about the mystique of replication rather than the scientific application of it.

Ideally, I should write a text book. Then I could use my own, and make my students buy it so that I get a small kick back. Ah, the life of an academic...

Anyway, it's something to think about for a side project.

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