Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Students are MIA

The attendance in my tech. class has really dropped off lately. I don't quite understand it either. We are doing flintknapping and for some reason, no one has been showing up. The class starts at 3:00, and at 3:00 we only had 6 of the 14 enrolled students show up.

I realize that my class is an easier one and that it may be a low priority for some of the students, but in reality they are wasting tuition. My friend Molly put it this way: they aren't showing up for lessons that they have already payed for (lessons taught by John Clark, Mr. Prismatic Blade).

Anyway, just an observation...

I'm developing a post about raw material conservation and flintknapping skill, based on an article I found in Lithic Technology. I'll post it soon.

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